Day 1.

Got sick today while at work and had to come home. Came home to a sick dog that I had to clean up after while not feeling well myself.  So that was fun. I was dealing with some pretty horrible stomach issues. Now that is gone, but I am left with a horrendous headache. No working out today due to events that unfolded that I explained above. I did eat pretty decently. I didn’t go grocery shopping yet, so that is a bummer. I do have a few healthy things on hand so I had a smoothie for breakfast, then breakfast for lunch and then some more breakfast for dinner. That means sausage and eggs in this case.

You know, a person doesn’t realize how many food commercials there really are while you are watching TV until you start watching what you eat.  It’s craziness! And it’s advertising for bad, naughty, horrible for you, foods! I think that should be a major concern for this society. We are all so concerned with obesity in this nation, yet we consistently use trickery in advertisements trying to convince people they need to, “Eat this, and eat that! Look how amazing this is! It is SO good! Eat, eat, eat!” It’s like we are against ourselves.

This reminds me of something I saw the other day. I will dig it out and share it here.

Here it is:


Truth. So much truth. I really, REALLY, really want to lose this extra weight. I want to get really real about it. I have been in this fight for a really, really, REALLY, long time. I am ready to win this battle.

I gained weight, lost some, but gained back more, only to lose a little, then gain it back, and then gain more back. Oh and then lose a little, gain it back, lose it, gain it back. You get the idea. I am not sure that is really accurate. It might be many more instances of that yo-yoing weight loss/gain that actually took place for me. IT. GETS. OLD.

I have a friend that is starting this week off with me and getting healthy, cheering each other on. I have another friend that we are betting who can lose 20 pounds in two months, but yet we are still cheering for each other. I WANT TO WIN :D! It all started this morning.

Here is to keep on keeping on. peace


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