I’m skipping this week’s weigh in. It’s an off week. Let’s just say the rough week last week is a pretty good indicator of why. Period. 

Day 14


5 thoughts on “Off week

  1. I totally get it, and agree once in a while is ok to skip it. I just try not to skip it to often. I have been owning every step of my journey, the good and the bad. It does help me keep track of bad weeks to keep it from becoming a trend!

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    1. This is true. I agree. It gets tough! I wanted to quit all day, well most of the day… but nope, I’m going to be stubborn about this, this time around I am going to do it. It’s not always easy tho, that’s for sure. I appreciate your reply, it helps me remember that we all struggle but we can do it!


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