I’ve been trying to remember to think about a few things I’m thankful for each morning and list them off to myself. One of the things on my list this morning is my dancing shih tzu. She is so adorable. When she’s excited, normally over food like her mama lol, she wiggles and whips around in a half circle or circles. Pure happiness, Lol. My other dog, he’s a mutt, my unique little man. He has the biggest, cutest ears that he can make stand straight up. He’s so cuddly. He has lots of love to give and he loves getting lots of love back. I really do have the sweetest puppies a girl could have. 

Of course I’m very thankful for other much bigger things Like, another day/another chance at life, and my health. But it’s fun and makes my heart feel full thinking of those other things that fill my life and have such a big place in my heart.