WHEW! What… a… day.

I did not sleep well.

Nothing worked right today.

People were mean.

I want to go hide under all my comfy blankets and dive under my pillows.



Monday Monday 

Day twenty two.

Happy Monday. Well I hit it pretty decently today. Fitbit challenge with a couple friends and doing pretty well.

Breakfast: sausage 

Lunch: mushroom and Swiss burger 

Dinner: panera bread pick two – green goodness Cobb salad and cup of turkey chili 

Snacks: trail mix with fruit 

Mondays are Brutal. OH and I have a question about sparkling water.

Mondays are brutal for me. I know, pretty much everyone hates Mondays. I feel like I really have a problem though, I HATE Mondays. This morning was extra brutal for me with this time change. Time change is stupid. Since we are stuck with it, why can’t it happen on Friday at 4? “BAM, 5:00, time to go, seeeee yas”. It literally took me until 4:00pm today to feel human and be nice again.

Anyway, back on it today. Normal portion sizes and no naughty foods. I think I did pretty well. My FitBit says I’ve only gotten 5000 some steps, and that’s including the quick walk I squeezed in during a break and a walk I took the dogs on when I got home. Working at a desk job blows. There are ways I can move more though. I’ve done it before, hit 10,000 steps pretty consistently and more. I have yet to hit 10,000 steps since I restarted my weight loss journey. OH, Day  EIGHT today, btw.

Here’s my question. I’ve noticed some people say they cut out soda (obviously a good thing) and I’ve noticed other people say they have cut out all carbonated beverages. Does this mean sparking water is bad for you? Do some people stay away from it? If so, why? Even the sugar  free, sodium free, everything free, stuff? I like it. I drink it a lot. And I can’t help but wonder if it’s hurting my weight loss in anyway?  I drink Klarbrunn and La Croix. Thanks in advance!