Not any better 

I’m not getting enough sleep. This is most definitely my problem. People are amazingly more annoying with some sleep deprivation. I gave someone the death glare/stare today at a meeting. She shushed me while she started a meeting. Like whaaaaaa someone asked me a question b!tch and we are whispering. Other people did that throughout the meeting, but apparently they can do it. Wtf? I just cannot people today. At all. Issues are amplified on days and weeks like this. 

I should mention that I have sleep apnea, obstructed sleep apnea. I’m assuming something changed or got worse. 

Also it’s day 11. 

Breakfast: 2 breakfast burritos 

Lunch: chicken noodle soup and a BLT salad 

Dinner: 2 of those lean cuisine small pizza 

Snack: dark chocolate and natural peanut butter