Day 2 – 2 Day

Day 2.

I am a tid bit sore. I did some squats the other night and this morning and some other lunge things. Oh and weights. My FitBit says I am about 2000 steps under 10,000. OH and I ate pretty well today. BONUS, I got some grocery shopping done and I get to break the crock pot out tomorrow. Then when I come home from work tomorrow dinner will be waiting for me and it will be fabulous.

I had a smoothie this morning and I didn’t get sick. The last two times I had a smoothie I got pretty sick. I am not sure if it was bad spinach or too much flaxseed. At first I thought it was a bad banana, but then my next attempt at it was without the banana and I still got sick. Today I had the banana but had new spinach and no flaxseed. Next time I will try less flaxseed and see how that goes.

Today was a good day except for a coworker, Stella. She means well, but OH MY GOD. She steals ideas and passes them off as her own. She has done this to me twice now. As she is talking she will own the idea or story and tell it as if it’s her own. I think she might really believe it. It boggles my mind. If the room falls silent for just a minute, she thinks it’s her time to shine and she will not stop talking about stupid sh!t. Emails come through to our group and she is the first to respond even though sometimes she has no idea what the f#ck she is saying. She always has to add her 2 cents. She tries to own everything and she doesn’t like to be told what to do or be corrected. Somedays I can ignore it, but somedays it’s just too much. Today I wanted to scream.

What doesn’t help these types of situations is that I am the type of person that doesn’t need to feel like the center of attention, actually I dislike it very much. I fly low. I do my own thing. I give credit where credit is due. Peopleing is hard sometimes. Communication can be a b!tch. There are just soo many different kinds of personalities out there. It’s almost impossible to figure sh!t out with everyone. Part of my job is having to work with a lot of different people. I am such a straight to the point kind of person. It’s hard to repeat the same thing 20 different ways using analogies and telling a story about something to bring your point home. I just want people to understand and hear what I am saying. I wish I was more patient. It’s not my strong suit. I am not a story teller. Maybe that’s why people like Stella annoy me. They can go on and on and on and capture the moment and sometimes it truly does make the story better. It’s all about the delivery.

Most of the day was me trying to adjust my attitude and not focus on the annoying things. I supposed I had a touch of a bad attitude today. It really didn’t feel like it though. Stella was just rubbing me the wrong way.

Normally I’d dive into some food to help relieve the stress. I would be too frustrated to be productive. I’d sit and stew on the issue. Today I pushed myself to be pretty productive.

Time for some pinteresting and relaxing.